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The Village Crone

The Village Crone

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Send out your Familiars. Gather your Ingredients. Bewitch the Villagers.

Become a witch and cast your spell on the medieval town of Wickersby in this worker placement, resource management game with spell casting!


Become a witch and enter the medieval world of Wickersby. Place your Familiars strategically around the town to gather ingredients for your spells. Correctly speak the incantations to make villagers fall in love, turn into Frogs, or teleport to different locations. The first player to achieve enough Witch’s Schemes to garner 13 points is named “The Village Crone.”


  • 6 Modular Boards
  • 6 Villagers
  • 144 Ingredient Cards
  • 6 Books of Spells
  • 50 Witch’s Scheme Cards
  • 30 Familiars
  • 6 Frogs
  • 6 Binding Rings
  • 3 Love Tokens
  • 1 Broom
  • 1 Rulebook
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