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Hot, Hotter, Spicy!

Once upon a time, 3 big cats became exhausted fighting to be top cat. They agreed to quit the fight and spice up their 9 lives with a hot spice eating contest. Alas, everyone was soon cheating, so the cats invented a very hot, often tearful, bluffing game.

What is spicy?

Spicy is a bluff card game for 2-6 players.

How to play spicy?

The cards are played facedown, so you can cheat when you announce your card. This clever card game isn’t just about bluffing. For you can almost always play a card that is at least half right if you cleverly play your hand. This means tactically deciding which card to use to get through: Do I play a “Pepper 10” or a color wild on a “Wasabi 9“ and declare it a “Wasabi 10”? Or do I better pass because it’s surely someone noticed me thinking for so long now?

Pepper, wasabi, chili … which spice drives the tears into your eyes?

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