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Roar for joy, because Dragon-type Pokémon are making their Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Series debut! Check out some of the powerful Dragon-type Pokémon you can find in this expansion.

Eevee is one of the stars of this expansion! For the first time in Pokémon TCG history, all eight of Eevee’s Evolutions are represented as Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX. Several of Eevee’s Evolutions boast Battle Styles, including Flareon and Umbreon fighting for team Single Strike and Vaporeon and Sylveon representing team Rapid Strike.

See a different side of some of your favorite Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX with special full-art cards. Every card tells a story, but these cards go above and beyond!

Intimidate opponents by harnessing the incredible power of Garbodor and Duraludon in their Gigantamax forms!


Flaaffy’s Dragon Pulse

Charge up your deck using Rayquaza VMAX’s Azure Pulse Ability, which allows you to discard your hand and draw three cards. Paired with Trainer cards like Zinnia’s Resolve, this Ability can be helpful in funneling  Energy cards into the discard pile. Why is that a good strategy? Once each turn, Flaaffy’s Dynamotor Ability allows you to attach a  Energy card from your discard pile to a Benched Pokémon. Just like lightning, you’re powering up your team at double speed! Which is awesome—BUT THEN! Rayquaza VMAX can use the Max Burst attack to discard any amount of basic  or  Energy from itself to do 80 damage for every card discarded!

A Synchro Bat Beatdown

Thievul's Fumbling Hands Ability means both players put their hands on the bottom of their decks, then match hand sizes by drawing 4 cards. Swoobat and Noivern V's Synchro Woofer and Synchro Loud attacks do 80 or 120 more damage if your hand size matches your opponent’s. Which—by coincidence—it does, thanks to Thievul.

Phantom Transformation

Zoroark’s Phantom Transformation Ability is truly unique. It lets you swap out Zoroark for any Stage 1 Pokémon in your discard pile. Use cards like Quick Ball or Professor’s Research to put some Stage 1 Pokémon in the discard pile, and then your opponent won’t be able to guess what’s coming next!

World’s Largest Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi's Group Power Ability means that if it has 3 or more  Energy attached, it gets an additional 150 HP, while its Schooling Shot attack does 30 damage plus 30 more damage for each basic Energy attached to it. So all you need to do is attach more Energy using Cryogonal and its Element Chain attack! This attack lets you look at the top 6 cards of your deck and attach any or all of the basic Energy you find there to your Pokémon, in any way you want.

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