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Become the best bird catcher

In your enchanted kingdom, a flock of colorful birds is flying around. To impress the Queen, will you be able to attract the best specimen to land on your wire? Pick them carefully to score fewer points than the other bird catchers and beware, the biggest birds might cost you victory. In Papageno, all the players will collect bird cards, exchange bigger birds for smaller ones - or vice versa - and create pairs in order to find the perfect balance on their wire. Papageno, Mozart‘s famous bird catcher, can help attract birds in your garden... or mess with all the players‘ games!

A game as an introduction to one of the most famous operas

Papageno is a character from Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute. He is the Queen of the Night’s bird catcher. Always cheerful and funny, this jolly fellow follows Prince Tamino in his quest to find Princess Tamina and wishes to find love. To help his friend, Papageno has magical instruments: bells and a pan flute.

Papageno is a quick tactical game with simple rules and the cutest design.

Type of game : card game / tactic

Goal of the game

Collect the smallest and lightest birds and win two rounds to be victorious. 

Content of the game

50 cards (40 Bird cards, 4 Pan flute cards, 4 Capture cards, 2 egg cards), 1 rule booklet

What you will like

•  Cute design attractive to children and adults alike
•  For opera lovers… and everyone else!
•  Tactical game with very simple rules

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