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There is a monster on my window

It was a dark and stormy afternoon… The rain is streaming down the windows and fog is slowly covering the glass. While you’re doodling on the window, your drawings suddenly come to life: trucks are moving, rockets are soaring, leaves are falling. Watch out, a flower-eating monster is lurking nearby… Welcome to Misty!

Goal of the game

Each player lays out a 12-card window.

To build their window, each player will have to choose a card from their hand, and then pass their remaining cards to their neighbor. Players will have choices to make: should they take this card, or prevent their neighbor from getting that one?

Once all the cards have been played, some of them will move and cover other cards: these cards will then be eliminated from the game. To win, players must plan ahead and optimize their window to get as many points as possible.


54 cards

What you will like

•  Easy rules
•  2 difficulty levels
•  Small size : can be easily carried and stored
•  Travel game, perfect game to take on holidays
•  Develops the ability to anticipate and to think strategically




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