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Lanterns - The Harvest Festival

Lanterns - The Harvest Festival

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Place tiles, adorn the palace lake, and dedicate lanterns in this beautiful, fast-paced board game set in imperial China.

The harvest is in, and now it's time to celebrate! Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a tileplacement game set in imperial China. Players act as artisans decorating the palace lake with floating lanterns. The artisan who earns the most honor before the festival arrives wins the game. On your turn, you can take these three actions one time each: • Place a lake tile, which gives every player (even your opponents!) a lantern card based on the orientation of the tile. (It also could give the active player bonus lantern cards or favor tokens, depending on the placement.) • Spend favor tokens to trade one lantern card for another. • Dedicate sets of lantern cards to gain the honor you need to win the game.

Contents Summary:

• 36 Oversized Lake Tiles

• 56 Lantern Cards

• 20 Engraved Wooden Tokens

• 30 Dedication Token

• 1 Chinese Fishing Boat Meeple

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