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Pegasus Spiele

Doodle Dungeon

Doodle Dungeon

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A dream comes true; players have acquired their own dungeon! Today they visited it for the first time and found a gigantic cave! Hold on a second, the cave is empty! Where’s the dungeon? There aren’t any maze-like walls, no sneaky traps, and above all, no hero-slashing monsters!

So they hastily go shopping at the dungeon construction shop and then they make a quick visit to the local monster tavern to hire some monsters. Now they’ll be ready to defend their treasures from any invading heroes. Will they manage to surpass their rivals and be celebrated as the most malicious dungeon master?

Doodle Dungeon combines the rewarding elements of creating and then defending one’s own dungeon, and mixes it with engaging draft-&-draw gameplay.

Number of players:
For 2 to 4 player 10 years and older
Playing time:
45 to 60 minutes
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