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DC Comics Deck Building Game - Flash vs Reverse Flash

DC Comics Deck Building Game - Flash vs Reverse Flash

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Our Rivals line of two-player games uses the Confrontation mode of play and showcases epic battles between two classic foes. The third installment features The Flash against his nemesis, Reverse-Flash. As a huge Flash fan, I have been personally looking forward to this one since we started the Rivals line. Each player will have their own stack of three-character cards of increasing cost with the goal of defeating all three versions of your opponent to win the game. As you build your deck, you will be able to call upon the help of various Speedsters or align yourself with the Rogues. Flash will need to balance repairing the timestream as Reverse-Flash’s manipulation destroys it. Both sides will need to watch out for new Weakness cards that aid your opponent in defeating you. Design work is almost done, so these highspeed battles will be racing to your table soon.

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